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In 2019 we started under the name GPS Consultancy with the trade name GPS Foodservice. We have now experienced considerable growth and it is time to further propagate our vision under the name GPS Foodservices BV

We distinguish ourselves by offering full service to our customers and producers from placing the order to delivery at the door.

Our main pillar is full and efficient service & support to both customer and producer.

Before we started GPS Foodservices BV we worked with retailers and food service companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Scandinavia. This has led to know-how in a wide range of topics in which we can now support our suppliers.

Daan Groenendijk                        Karen Steenbakker-Leemborg

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Dan Greendijk


+31 6 2001 0954

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Karen Steenbakker-Leemborg

operations manager

+31 6 317 88 533

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